Stolen Motorbike

Here you will find an overview of the stolen motorbikes registered with the Stolen Objects Register. If you have information regarding a motorbike then you can leave tips. Tips are treated confidentially.

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Image Stolen property Theft location
Motorbike BMW 62-MJ-VL Motorbike BMW 62-MJ-VL Oude Haagweg, Den Haag, Nederland 18-07-2019 View
Motorbike Gilera XS-819-L Motorbike Gilera XS-819-L De Egmondenstraat, Amsterdam, Nederland 13-07-2019 View
Motorbike KTM 56-MJ-VG Motorbike KTM 56-MJ-VG Amsterdam, Nederland 30-06-2019 View
Motorbike DUCATI 29-MG-GR Motorbike DUCATI 29-MG-GR Amsterdam, Nederland 28-06-2019 View
Motorbike Yamaha MT-RL-58 MTRL58 Motorbike Yamaha MT-RL-58 MTRL58 Klaproosveld, Den Haag, Nederland 28-06-2019 View
Motorbike DUCATI 60-MJ-KN Motorbike DUCATI 60-MJ-KN Jarmuiden, Amsterdam, Nederland 28-06-2019 View
Motorbike SUZUKI 53-MF-DB Motorbike SUZUKI 53-MF-DB Den Haag, Nederland 26-06-2019 View
Motorbike YAMAHA NM-05-67 Deventer, Nederland 21-06-2019 View
Motorbike KAWASAKI MVPX04 Motorbike KAWASAKI MVPX04 Oosterse Tuin, Rotterdam, Nederland 19-06-2019 View
Motorbike YAMAHA 84-MJ-LV Motorbike YAMAHA 84-MJ-LV Rotterdam 07-06-2019 View
Motorbike BMW 94MJZS Motorbike BMW 94MJZS Clauskindereweg, Amsterdam, Nederland 02-06-2019 View
Motorbike PIAGGIO 05-MB-BF Alsacelaan, Eindhoven, Nederland 27-05-2019 View
Motorbike HARLEY DAVIDSON 59-MG-XK Motorbike HARLEY DAVIDSON 59-MG-XK B. Merkelbachsingel, Amsterdam, Nederland 25-05-2019 View
Motorbike Aprilia 72-MJ-BZ Motorbike Aprilia 72-MJ-BZ De Jonghlaan, Eindhoven, Nederland 23-05-2019 View
Motorbike Suzuki MZ-PG-26 Motorbike Suzuki MZ-PG-26 23-05-2019 View
Motorbike KTM 55-MJ-GF Motorbike KTM 55-MJ-GF Van der Lelijstraat, Delft, Nederland 19-05-2019 View
Motorbike YAMAHA MX-LN-28 17-05-2019 View
Motorbike BMW 59-MH-FK Motorbike BMW 59-MH-FK Kasteellaan, Heerlen, Nederland 14-05-2019 View
Motorbike YAMAHA MG-BV-41 12-05-2019 View
Motorbike SUZUKI MX-ZS-40 Leyweg, 's-Gravenhage, Nederland 08-05-2019 View
Showing 1 - 20 of 1327