Stolen Motorbike

Here you will find an overview of the stolen motorbikes registered with the Stolen Objects Register. If you have information regarding a motorbike then you can leave tips. Tips are treated confidentially.

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Image Stolen property Theft location
Motorbike BMW 72-MG-FN Motorbike BMW 72-MG-FN Vuistbijl, Den Haag, Nederland 14-01-2019 View
Motorbike Yamaha 06MHTN 06-MH-TN Motorbike Yamaha 06MHTN 06-MH-TN Hooivork, Oostzaan, Nederland 08-01-2019 View
Motorbike Honda MS-17-VD Motorbike Honda MS-17-VD Dirck van Deelenstraat, Rosmalen, Nederland 01-01-2019 View
Motorbike BMW 27-MG-TF 27MGTF Motorbike BMW 27-MG-TF 27MGTF Oeverpad, Amsterdam, Nederland 02-01-2019 View
Motorbike Aprilia MZ-TB-63 Motorbike Aprilia MZ-TB-63 Amsterdam, Nederland 13-12-2018 View
Motorbike Gilera 63-MG-TJ Motorbike Gilera 63-MG-TJ heusdenstraat rotterdam 25-12-2018 View
Motorbike Yamaha 07-MH-VH Motorbike Yamaha 07-MH-VH Haarlem, Nederland 28-12-2018 View
Motorbike Harley Davidson 93-MH-TK Motorbike Harley Davidson 93-MH-TK Delft, Nederland 17-12-2018 View
Motorbike Yamaha MZ-91-JP Erasmuslaan, Hilversum, Nederland 15-12-2018 View
Motorbike BMW 79-MD-GX Amsterdam, Nederland 17-12-2018 View
Motorbike BMW 92-MG-JH Motorbike BMW 92-MG-JH 1181 BS Amstelveen, Nederland 13-12-2018 View
Motorbike BMW 44-MJ-TK Motorbike BMW 44-MJ-TK Hoofddorp, Nederland 06-12-2018 View
Motorbike BMW 01-MG-GS 01MGGS Motorbike BMW 01-MG-GS 01MGGS amsterdam B Haanstrakade View
Motorbike Off Road KTM Motorbike Off Road KTM 1024 KM Amsterdam, Nederland 29-11-2018 View
Motorbike Suzuki 45-MJ-VJ Motorbike Suzuki 45-MJ-VJ 3077 PN Rotterdam, Nederland 03-12-2018 View
Motorbike Suzuki 92-MJ-JS Motorbike Suzuki 92-MJ-JS Vroegelingerf, Pijnacker, Nederland 21-11-2018 View
Motorbike BMW 20-MJ-HJ Motorbike BMW 20-MJ-HJ 22-11-2018 View
Motorbike BMW 83-MJ-ZN Motorbike BMW 83-MJ-ZN Amsterdam, Nederland 23-11-2018 View
Motorbike Piaggio MTVT41 Motorbike Piaggio MTVT41 Rotterdam, Nederland 19-11-2018 View
Motorbike Ducati 17-MJ-FT Motorbike Ducati 17-MJ-FT Amsterdam, Nederland 21-11-2018 View
Showing 1 - 20 of 1255