Stolen Motorbike

Here you will find an overview of the stolen motorbikes registered with the Stolen Objects Register. If you have information regarding a motorbike then you can leave tips. Tips are treated confidentially.

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Image Stolen property Theft location
Motorbike Ducati 41-MH-BV Motorbike Ducati 41-MH-BV Purmerend, Nederland 17-11-2018 View
Motorbike Yamaha NVT Jacob Catsstraat 2, Den Haag, Nederland 19-11-2018 View
Motorbike BMW 88-MH-VR 88MHVR Motorbike BMW 88-MH-VR 88MHVR Borneolaan, Amsterdam, Nederland 17-11-2018 View
Motorbike KTM 25MGZH Motorbike KTM 25MGZH Coranthijnestraat, Groningen, Nederland 18-11-2018 View
Motorbike Yamaha 52-MG-VS Motorbike Yamaha 52-MG-VS Meester van Busselstraat, Mierlo, Nederland 12-11-2018 View
Motorbike Suzuki MP-FR-80 Motorbike Suzuki MP-FR-80 Capelle aan den IJssel, Nederland 09-11-2018 View
Motorbike Yamaha 53-MG-VS Motorbike Yamaha 53-MG-VS Eikelstraat, Deurne, Nederland 12-11-2018 View
Motorbike KTM 33-MG-LV Motorbike KTM 33-MG-LV Amsterdam, Nederland 25-10-2018 View
Motorbike BMW 73-MH-ZL Motorbike BMW 73-MH-ZL Amsterdam, Nederland 07-11-2018 View
Motorbike KTM MV-GR-09 Motorbike KTM MV-GR-09 Bellamyplein, Amsterdam, Nederland 07-11-2018 View
Motorbike Suzuki MD-TX-60 Motorbike Suzuki MD-TX-60 Schiedam, Nederland 07-11-2018 View
Motorbike Yamaha 06-MF-JS Motorbike Yamaha 06-MF-JS Amsterdam, Nederland 31-10-2018 View
Motorbike Suzuki MZ-37-JS Motorbike Suzuki MZ-37-JS Amsterdam, Nederland 31-10-2018 View
Motorbike Harley Davidson 02-MK-BX Motorbike Harley Davidson 02-MK-BX Voorhout, Nederland 26-10-2018 View
Motorfiets Harley Davidson 93-MF-XN Motorfiets Harley Davidson 93-MF-XN Schalkwijk, Nederland 24-10-2018 View
Motorfiets KTM 39-MJ-HR Motorfiets KTM 39-MJ-HR Groningen, Nederland 24-10-2018 View
Motorbike Kawasaki 35-MH-VT Motorbike Kawasaki 35-MH-VT 's-Gravenhage, Nederland 19-10-2018 View
Showing 1 - 17 of 1234