Stolen objects

What is Kaynine?

Kaynine is an international register of stolen objects. We are the starting point for investigators, companies and individuals who want to check if an object has been stolen

How does Kaynine work?

We actively inform an international network of private investigators, police, justice and individuals about the objects that are registered in the Kaynine database. Everyone can check if objects are registered as stolen. Individuals who want to provide tips about stolen objects can do this through the website. GOR offers professional investigators the possibility to share information about stolen objects.

Who works with Kaynine?

  • (damage-) investigation agencies
  • Police
  • Justice department
  • Insurance agencies
  • Individuals

Why Kaynine?

  • Of all stolen objects, a large part disappears into foreign countries.
  • Stolen objects are sold over the internet in a very short period of time.
  • Information about these objects is not available for everyone.
  • A small percentage of stolen work equipment is ever fount back, less than ten percent.
  • Stolen objects that are retrieved hardly end up at their rightful owner because of a lack of information.
  • Insurance companies can’t check if an object that has been submitted for insurance, hasn’t been stolen already.

Why check?

Whenever you buy a stolen object, you’re liable, no matter how often this object has changed hands since it was stolen.