Stolen Car

stolen carHere you will find an overview of the stolen cars registered with the Stolen Objects Register. If you have information regarding these vehicles, you can leave tips. Tips are treated confidentially.

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Image Stolen property Theft location
Car RENAULT 38-ZVV-8 Car RENAULT 38-ZVV-8 Vigelandstraat, Den Haag, Nederland 20-09-2019 View
Car FIAT TD-884-J Car FIAT TD-884-J Winston Churchilllaan, Sittard, Nederland 20-09-2019 View
Car AUDI HT-893-P Car AUDI HT-893-P Sint Jorisstraat, 's-Hertogenbosch, Nederland 18-09-2019 View
Car TOYOTA XT-794-N Car TOYOTA XT-794-N Den Haag, Nederland 18-09-2019 View
Car LEXUS 25-XJT-7 Car LEXUS 25-XJT-7 Bavel, Nederland 18-09-2019 View
Car PEUGEOT GD-881-D Car PEUGEOT GD-881-D Zaandam, Nederland 18-09-2019 View
Car TOYOTA 93-RN-PR Car TOYOTA 93-RN-PR Rotterdam, Nederland 17-09-2019 View
Car Mitsubishi 58-RJ-KT Car Mitsubishi 58-RJ-KT Oirschotsebaan, Oisterwijk, Nederland 16-09-2019 View
Car Fiat JK-239-L JK239L JK-23-9L Car Fiat JK-239-L JK239L JK-23-9L Nassaukade, Amsterdam, Nederland 16-09-2019 View
Car Volkswagen HT-095-X Car Volkswagen HT-095-X Schiphol, Nederland 15-09-2019 View
Car Mini TG-461-K TG461K TG-46-1K Car Mini TG-461-K TG461K TG-46-1K Noorddammerweg, Amstelveen, Nederland 15-09-2019 View
Car TOYOTA KX-816-R Car TOYOTA KX-816-R Den Haag, Nederland 15-09-2019 View
Car PORSCHE 6-ZKP-72 Car PORSCHE 6-ZKP-72 Uden, Nederland 14-09-2019 View
Car KTM 20-MJ-TN Car KTM 20-MJ-TN Den Bosch, Nederland 14-09-2019 View
Car BMW 9-SZJ-90 Car BMW 9-SZJ-90 Pinksterbloemstraat, Amsterdam, Nederland 13-09-2019 View
Car KTM 28-MH-LR Car KTM 28-MH-LR Venlo, Nederland 13-09-2019 View
Car VOLKSWAGEN RK-145-X Car VOLKSWAGEN RK-145-X Binnenhof, Naarden, Nederland 12-09-2019 View
Car PORSCHE KX794L Car PORSCHE KX794L Motorsportpark Gelderland Midden, Koningsweg, Arnhem, Nederland 11-09-2019 View
Car VOLKSWAGEN LX-41-YJ Car VOLKSWAGEN LX-41-YJ Het Jacht, Baarn, Nederland 11-09-2019 View
Car BMW 99-TGR-5 Car BMW 99-TGR-5 Korfmakersstraat, Rotterdam, Nederland 08-09-2019 View
Showing 1 - 20 of 13705