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stolen carHere you will find an overview of the stolen cars registered with the Stolen Objects Register. If you have information regarding these vehicles, you can leave tips. Tips are treated confidentially.

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Image Stolen property Theft location
Car Jaguar Land Rover 6-ZKK-26 Car Jaguar Land Rover 6-ZKK-26 De Koningswinkel, Margraten, Nederland 24-03-2019 View
Car VOLKSWAGEN 74-XKL-9 Car VOLKSWAGEN 74-XKL-9 25-03-2019 View
Car CITROEN HG-805-J De Kluijskamp 12e straat, Nijmegen, Netherlands 23-03-2019 View
Car FIAT KB-128-B 2121 AJ Bennebroek, Netherlands 21-03-2019 View
Car Fiat 36-RJL-1 Nagele, Domineesweg, Nagele, Nederland 15-03-2019 View
Car Toyota NK-490-F Car Toyota NK-490-F Graaf Philipstraat, Horn, Nederland 22-03-2019 View
Car Renault NG097L Car Renault NG097L Galileistraat 27, Veenendaal, Nederland 08-02-2019 View
Car VW V-949-VL Car VW V-949-VL Bloemfonteinstraat, Rotterdam, Nederland 16-03-2019 View
Car MITSUBISHI PP-362-R Car MITSUBISHI PP-362-R Nieuwe Binnenweg, Rotterdam, Nederland 20-03-2019 View
Car FIAT RZ-780-L Car FIAT RZ-780-L Dijkgraaf Den Dekkerweg, Werkendam, Nederland 19-03-2019 View
Car Audi 9-KNS-10 Car Audi 9-KNS-10 Valeriaan, Nootdorp, Nederland 20-03-2019 View
Car Volkswagen SV-581-B Car Volkswagen SV-581-B Marchantlaan, Schiedam, Nederland 19-03-2019 View
Car LAND ROVER TK-092-X Baden Powellweg, Amsterdam, Nederland 18-03-2019 View
Car Audi XS-376-T Car Audi XS-376-T Plein 1992, Maastricht, Nederland 14-03-2019 View
Car Mercedes Benz JJ-774-R Car Mercedes Benz JJ-774-R Loodiep, Someren, Nederland 07-03-2019 View
Car Toyota GX-963-L Car Toyota GX-963-L Pompenburg, Rotterdam, Nederland 13-03-2019 View
Car Citroën 79-RG-VB Car Citroën 79-RG-VB Reestraat, Nijmegen, Nederland 18-03-2019 View
Car Mercedes Benz V-922-NJ Car Mercedes Benz V-922-NJ Dillenburgstraat, Gorinchem, Nederland 04-03-2019 View
Car VOLKSWAGEN TN-800-L Car VOLKSWAGEN TN-800-L 2274 AV Voorburg, Nederland 18-03-2019 View
Car Mercedes Benz PH-271-P Car Mercedes Benz PH-271-P Rotterdam, Nederland 14-03-2019 View
Showing 1 - 20 of 13258