Stolen Car

stolen carHere you will find an overview of the stolen cars registered with the Stolen Objects Register. If you have information regarding these vehicles, you can leave tips. Tips are treated confidentially.

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Image Stolen property Theft location
Car Peugeot RP-832-V Car Peugeot RP-832-V Karspeldreef, Amsterdam, Nederland 12-01-2018 View
Car Volkwagen PD-202-K Car Volkwagen PD-202-K Amsterdam, Nederland 16-01-2019 View
Car MERCEDES-BENZ V-546-PK Car MERCEDES-BENZ V-546-PK Noorderdiep, Valthermond, Nederland 17-01-2019 View
Car Jaguar Land Rover 8-SFB-60 Car Jaguar Land Rover 8-SFB-60 Van Walbeeckstraat, Amsterdam, Nederland 17-01-2019 View
Car AUDI RD-476-S Car AUDI RD-476-S Spijkenisse, Nederland 15-01-2019 View
Car VW RF-658-D Car VW RF-658-D Da Costakade, Amsterdam, Nederland 11-01-2019 View
Car SEAT 9-TTV-14 Car SEAT 9-TTV-14 Amsterdam, Nederland 12-01-2019 View
Car BMW JB-977-B Car BMW JB-977-B Amsterdam, Nederland 14-01-2019 View
Car SEAT 70-LN-RL Car SEAT 70-LN-RL 3431 BC Nieuwegein, Nederland 10-01-2019 View
Car VOLKSWAGEN 2-XXB-08 Car VOLKSWAGEN 2-XXB-08 Zaandam, Nederland 14-01-2019 View
Car BMW NN-141-K Car BMW NN-141-K 5406 CJ Uden, Nederland 13-01-2019 View
Car Mazda 56-HNZ-9 Car Mazda 56-HNZ-9 1945RR Beverwijk 14-01-2019 View
Car Volkswagen 76RDZ4 Car Volkswagen 76RDZ4 Almere, Nederland 26-12-2018 View
Car Volkswagen RK-258-X Car Volkswagen RK-258-X Utrecht, Nederland 27-12-2018 View
Car VOLKSWAGEN 85-ZRP-1 Car VOLKSWAGEN 85-ZRP-1 De Rijp, Nederland 09-01-2019 View
Car Citroën 47-JD-VX Car Citroën 47-JD-VX Lille, Frankrijk 20-12-2018 View
Car MERCEDES-AMG NR-886-N Car MERCEDES-AMG NR-886-N Eindhoven, Nederland 09-01-2019 View
Car Renault 4-XLK-14 Car Renault 4-XLK-14 Schiedam, Nederland 15-12-2018 View
Car Audi PJ-914-Z Car Audi PJ-914-Z Coleman Hawkinslaan, Beverwijk, Nederland 08-01-2019 View
Car Volkswagen 87-NGX-3 87NGX3 87-NG-X3 Car Volkswagen 87-NGX-3 87NGX3 87-NG-X3 Oss, Oude Litherweg 07-01-2019 View
Showing 1 - 20 of 13099