Stolen Car

stolen carHere you will find an overview of the stolen cars registered with the Stolen Objects Register. If you have information regarding these vehicles, you can leave tips. Tips are treated confidentially.

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Image Stolen property Theft location
Car BMW TB-394-G Car BMW TB-394-G Echt, Nederland 16-11-2018 View
Car Volkswagen NH-765-P Car Volkswagen NH-765-P Helmond, Nederland 16-11-2018 View
Car Volkswagen 9-KPG-35 Car Volkswagen 9-KPG-35 Elst, Nederland 16-11-2018 View
Car TOYOTA TX-530-N Car TOYOTA TX-530-N 's-Gravenhage, Nederland 14-11-2018 View
Car MAZDA PR-448-F Car MAZDA PR-448-F Berlijn, Duitsland 15-11-2018 View
Car CITROEN 64-XJF-6 Car CITROEN 64-XJF-6 5674 RV Nuenen, Nederland 15-11-2018 View
Car Audi TB-754-G Car Audi TB-754-G Amsterdam, Nederland 10-11-2018 View
Car BMW HX-017-V Car BMW HX-017-V Leidschendam, Nederland 13-11-2018 View
Car Hyundai 36-XNP-6 Car Hyundai 36-XNP-6 Bourgognestraat, Maastricht, Nederland 15-11-2018 View
Car BMW 9ZTP27 Car BMW 9ZTP27 Wolput 28A, Vlijmen, Nederland View
Car Land Rover JH-112-H Car Land Rover JH-112-H Eindhoven, Nederland 13-11-2018 View
Car Opel 8-KHS-43 Car Opel 8-KHS-43 Geleen, Nederland 12-11-2018 View
Car Mini 5-ZGR-70 Car Mini 5-ZGR-70 Huizen, Nederland 12-11-2018 View
Car Ford 03-HRZ-2 Car Ford 03-HRZ-2 Graan voor Visch, Hoofddorp, Nederland 13-11-2018 View
Car VOLKSWAGEN 1VXR71 Car VOLKSWAGEN 1VXR71 6865dn doorwerth 12-11-2018 View
Car FIAT 79-XLD-8 Car FIAT 79-XLD-8 Laan van Decima, Haarlem, Nederland 11-11-2018 View
Car VOLVO GR-846-H Car VOLVO GR-846-H Kerkrade, Nederland 10-11-2018 View
Car BMW 2-KZR-30 Car BMW 2-KZR-30 Leiden, Nederland 12-11-2018 View
Car AUDI 6-TGP-57 Car AUDI 6-TGP-57 Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Nederland 11-11-2018 View
Car BMW 08-KHD-7 Car BMW 08-KHD-7 Netelstraat, Heerlen, Nederland View
Showing 1 - 20 of 12984